“Things to Bring”

  • Binoculars – the dolphins swim daily in front of the beach playing in the waves. Whales also swim by at times.
  • Folding chairs
  • Plenty of drinking water and ice
  • Plenty of fishing tackle
  • Toilet paper and sanitary items
  • Sun screen and a hat
  • Wax for your surfboard
  • Matches and extra batteries
  • Cooking utensils and fluid for your bar-be-cue
  • Extra mantel for your lantern and propane cylinders


  • No fishing license is required to surf-fish. Old spark plugs make good/cheap weights in case you lose them in the
    rocks. Squid is the best bait or you could use the mussel off the rocks.
  • Fishing tackle is hard to find so bring extra in case you need it.

“Pulling a Trailer”

  • If you are pulling a heavy trailer you should have 4-wheel drive. The road is well maintained but is dirt and has a
    grade that could cause your rear tires to spin and lose traction when pulling a heavy trailer.

“Cell Phones”

  • Call your carrier to connect you to México before you leave the U.S. Cell phones do work at the campground if
    you are properly connected.

“Coming Back Late from Town”

  • If you plan on coming back to the campground after the security gates are locked you should have someone drop
    you off in town and take an Uber or taxi back. The taxi fare is approximately $20 to $25 dollars; Uber may be a bit less.
  • One advantage of taking an Uber is that they will pick you up directly from the beach.