As you enter the border into México, look for the sign that reads “Rosarito/Ensenada Scenic Road”.

Follow those signs approximately 6 miles to the Tijuana/Ensenada Toll Road.

Stay on the toll road the entire trip. Playa Saldamando is located at kilometer 94 approximately 55 minutes South of Tijuana.

As you drive South on the toll road, each kilometer is marked on the side of the road. The kilometer numbers get larger as you travel South.

You will see 5 green freeway signs indicating how many kilometers to Playa Saldamando. Remember we are at kilometer 94.

When you get to kilometer 94, you will see a freeway sign with an arrow that reads “Playa Saldamando”. Take that turn-off and enter through the blue gate down the dirt road.

Follow the road to the bottom and stop at the stop sign and crossing arm. One of our employees will greet you and give you a receipt for camping.

To return to Playa Saldamando from Ensenada you will need to use the toll road North. You will pass the campground and will take the Salsipuedes / Playa Saldamando turn-off, approximately 4 miles North. As you go under the bridge stay to your right which will lead you back to the southbound toll road to kilometer 94.

Freeway signs to watch for

You will pass the following freeway signs as you drive to Playa Saldamando, giving you an idea of your location.

We are located approximately 52 miles South of the first toll Booth from Tijuana.

La Joya
Real Del Mar
San Antonio
Baja Malibu
El Oasis
Puerto Nuevo
Cuenca Lechera
La Fonda
La Mision
La Salina
El Mirador
Same color
Kilometer 14
Kilometer 19
Kilometer 22
Kilometer 23
Kilometer 25
Kilometer 49
Kilometer 53
Kilometer 58
Kilometer 66
Kilometer 69
Kilometer 73
Kilometer 77
Kilometer 84
Kilometer 87
Kilometer 94
You will pass freeway signs at K 38, K 82, K 84, K 92 and finally K 94 – which reads “Playa Saldamando”.

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