• Trailer Rentals.
  • Campsite Rentals for Tents and Motorhomes.
  • Boogie-Board Rentals.
  • Kerosene Lantern Rentals.
  • Picnic Table Rentals and the Sale of Firewood.
  • We maintain clean, separate restrooms, which have showers and flushing toilets.
  • We also have Flushing Outhouses located throughout the property.
  • Overnight campers – the new day starts at noon.


We have trailers for rent, ranging from $50 dollars to $90 dollars depending on the size of the trailer. The trailers have beds, shower, toilet, sink, stove and solar lights.

Each trailer has a patio cover, picnic table, fire-ring, bar-be-cue ring, large trash can and a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. There is no electricity but we provide propane gas for the stove, which is already included in the price.

You need to provide your own pots and pans, cooking utensils, sanitary items and bedding i.e. (sleeping bags, blankets, etc).

IMPORTANT: No pets allowed inside the trailers.



We have beautiful ocean view campsites, all lined with white rocks, a ramada for shade, picnic table, fire-ring, bar-be-cue ring and a 55 gallon trash can.

The cost for overnight camping is $19 dollars per vehicle containing 4 people or less and $3 dollars per additional person.


We do not have “hook-ups” therefore, Motorhomes will be “dry-camping”. We do have water in case you run low. Our campsites and dirt road will easily accommodate Motorhomes up to 32 feet. Refer to”Tent Camping” for site description.

The cost for Motorhome camping is $20 dollars per night per vehicle for 4 people or less. Add $3 dollars for each additional person.


The cost for vehicles pulling travel or utility trailers is $20 dollars per night per vehicle for 4 people or less. Add $3 dollars for each additional person. Refer to “Tent Camping” section for site description, also check out our Tips.


The cost for day camping is $7 dollars per vehicle for less than 3 hours or $15 dollars per vehicle over 3 hours containing 4 people per vehicle. Add $3 dollars for each additional person.


  • Firewood – $5.00 dollars per bundle.
  • Kerosene Lanterns – $3.00 dollars per night with a $5.00 dollar refundable security deposit.
  • Boogie -Boards – $2.00 dollars for 3 hours or $5.00 dollars per day.

NOTE: We are open all year round EXCEPT, when it is raining we close until the road dries.